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Ramelle Sasso - CEO Axers CC

We are a bilingual consulting agency (French / English) whose sole mission is to connect the key points of our partners in order to accompany them in their evolution.

We identify and maximize the subtle red thread that is imperceptible to you to leverage it towards the level, even the superior dimension.

Simplistic? Indeed! Innovation and change sometimes merely connect the right elements (see Steve Jobs).
We connect ideas, concepts, people ... we build bridges to create a synergy that maximizes the impact of your actions in your sphere of influence.

Self-taught and atypical, our team of Rookie Smarts * works with media professionals, leadership, IT, publishing, various associations and many others.

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"No one among us is more intelligent than all of us" Kenneth Blanchard

Mastermind is a group organization where learning and development methods are carried out through exchanges between members, so as to create synergy that promotes creativity, multiplies solutions and maximizes results.

We have 2 types of Mastermind groups: one reserved for those who have participated in the Live2Lead training, and the other for any entrepreneur who wants to move forward in his projects and overcome his challenges.



  • Mastermind Live2Lead
  • Mastermind Classic

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"No wind is favorable to the one who has no destination" Michel de Montaigne


Before undertaking anything in life, it is essential to make a personal inventory of how we are naturally equipped to deploy ourselves accordingly and to distinguish ourselves in the way that is ours.

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"The day you stop learning, you start dying" Albert Einstein


While it is true that we learn continuously in different ways, through Masterclasses, we are helping to set up platforms providing a learning space for a large number of people.

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"If your actions inspire others to dream bigger, learn more, do more and become bigger, then you are a leader" John Quincy Adams.

Because we have received a lot and continue to receive more and more each day, we share it with the organizations that trust us, based on consulting missions.

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